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Social Media Marketing Services

MENA market penetration for each of the most popular social platforms.

Social Media Marketing Services

Your app might be amazing, but it’s useless if you can’t get it into the hands of the consumer. Sure, people can discover your app through general searching and browsing on the app store.
Using tactics like app store optimization is a great way to position yourself and get your app ranked. But you can’t rely on that as your only source of getting new downloads.
That’s why it’s so important for your business to have an active presence on social media platforms. Social media is great because it’s an easy and cost-effective way to help you get more people to download your mobile app.
Whether your app is brand new, been available for years, or still in the development process, you can leverage social media marketing to drive lots of downloads.
But that’s not all. With social media, you can also get existing users to spend more time using your app, which will ultimately lead to higher conversions and more money for you.

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

Influencer marketing  facilitates specific brands to sell their products and services via their endorsement by social media platforms users with extremely big follow ship, established reputation and trust with their audience.

  • Search and Discovery– We define your app and its target market then we find you suitable influencers. Search can be performed based on criteria that characterize either influencer and her / his audience. Types of search include – by platform, by follower count, by influencer demographic info, by influencer audience demographic info.
  • Contact & contract management– We make sure to handle direct contact with the influencers and get you the lowest price possible while coordinating the project’s scope to assure it will make the greatest impact.
  • Campaign content management– to manage ad text and graphic creatives, hashtags, @mentions, campaign duration, deadlines, giveaway / sweepstake details and other ad campaign features for multiple brands and influencers.
  • Promotion and amplification of an influencer ad content– to reinforce an impact generated with an influencer content for a brand via paid advertising on social media.
  • Analytics & Reporting– to analyze an impact that an influencer ad campaign creates for a brand’s product. Reports may consist of publication confirmation, views, reach, engagements, ROI calculations, real-time analytics, URL tracking.

Content Creation

  • App Video Services
    • App Preview videos
    • Animation videos
    • Packshot live action videos
    • On-location live action videos

Revenge Of Sultans Video Top Grossing Game in MENA

Clash of Warships

  • Create a Buzz around your app with articles on MENA’s biggest mobile-specific blogs and portals
  • We work with the biggest specific publishing websites and blogs to reach mobile enthusiasts around MENA region.
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing Services